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Clarification on executive order for suspending immigration

On April 23, 2020, POTUS signed an executive order that was circulated in media as immigration suspension. Our office has the proclamation copy and after reviewing the order we have determined that its not a meaningful change in the current state of immigration.

The order cites COVID pandemic as a reason to suspend entries through only immigration visas with certain exception like spouses or minor children of US citizens, The reason it does not meaningfully change current state of immigration is because the consulates have not been doing interviews during COVID shutdown. Also the law is limited in scope, so all other kind of non immigrant visa processing is not impacted for example U-Visa, E-Visa etc. It also does not impact asylum applicants.

Here is AILA's link that provides details of the order -

If you have concerns or questions about this order, or are looking for legal options for your case, contact our office today -

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