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New Citizenship Policy proposal for children born overseas

In follow up to our post -, there are 3 categories of impact.

As mentioned in our previous post, current administration proposed an update to make it more burdensome and expensive for certain US Service members and government employees working abroad to ensure that their children receive US citizenship. Previous immigration policy said children born and living overseas were considering residing in the US for citizenship purposes, but this is now being scrapped.

Following are the impacted categories :

  • If a child born abroad who is not a green card holder is adopted by U.S. citizen parents, that child under the new policy will no longer automatically be granted citizenship.

  • The change would also affect children of non-citizens, U.S. service members or government employees who naturalize — that is, who become citizens themselves — after the child's birth.

  • Additionally, a child born abroad to two U.S. citizens who do not meet the U.S. residence requirements under existing law to transmit citizenship to their children would be affected.

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