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Our mission is to provide the best immigration services to our clients. We believe that the most meaningful and effective way to serve our clients is by being transparent, helping them understand all of their legal options, partnering with them in decision making and guiding them through every step of the process. We always strive for excellence and are committed to deliver the results for our client with honesty and integrity.



Law Office of John Rottier is a Chicago based law firm focused on providing premium quality immigration services. We are a team of scholars and advocates who consistently win our clients’ cases. We are humble, down-to-earth, real people that you can talk and relate to you as a friend. The founder of the firm, John Rottier is very passionate about immigration and has nearly a decade of experience in immigration law. He has worked extensively with diverse clients from across the globe. Beside being a well credentialed immigration attorney in Chicago, John has been involved in the immigration work in the community through different organizations including - World Relief and Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors.


The Law Office of John Rottier prides itself, not only on its credentials, experience, professionalism and rate of success in handling immigration matters, but also on its client sensitivity. We listen first, ask questions, and then explain the law in a common-sense manner that makes it easy for anyone to understand. We are friends and confidants as well as immigration lawyers. We take you step by step through the process in the shortest time possible explaining the process the entire way, so you always know what the status is and the next step in your case. Our legal expertise and unique ability to think creatively have resolved numerous cases, even where our potential clients initially believed that no solution was available to them, yet often by thinking outside the box to develop a creative strategy we were able to obtain an approval for their case.

We know that immigration process can be complex and overwhelming first hand as most of our staff have experienced the process for themselves or for their family members. So we know and we are here to help you ! 


If you are looking for an immigration attorney then you have come to the right place. We are located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, join us for a free consultation to explore and learn about your options.

While immigration is our focused practice area, we do provide counsel and services in other areas of law with our partner firms.


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 "We had the pleasure of having Mr. Rottier work on my wife’s successful application for permanent residency in 2017. He was extremely thorough in making sure we understood the process and very responsive for all our requests and questions. He turned what we had originally expected to be a very tiring and contentious process into a smooth, swift, and easy one. More than that, he reassured us at every step and walked us through multiple contingencies to make sure we were prepared and had his support at all times. His knowledge, professionalism, and care sets him above all other attorneys in this field and I cannot recommend him enough."

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