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COVID-19 : Social responsibility and preparedness

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

As of writing this post, there are 93 confirmed case of COVID-19, also referred as Coronavirus, in Illinois (Source : CDC). A real time tracker developed by Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (link), shows that there are more than 4,000 cases reported across different states. World Health Organization has declared Coronavirus a pandemic.

Law Office of John Rottier express our thoughts and well wishes for people who are impacted by this virus. Our team is committed to do everything possible to do our part in stemming the spread of this virus. As a result we have taken special measures for the safety of our staff and our clients.

  • Social Distancing : All of our client are being contacted to convert their appointments into virtual or phone appointments as much as possible. Wherever applicable staff members are being recommended to work from home. Greetings / hand shakes are replace with elbow bump or wave.

  • Hygiene : Our office space is well supplied with cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers and wipes. Common areas and surfaces (ex door handles) that can lead to community spread are being sanitized multiple times a day

We all have to do our part in this difficult time, it is our moral and social responsibility. Following are some helpful links on COVID and what you can do for avoiding community spread.

General Information, prevention : (Source: CDC)

In coming days we will be posting updates on of any impact regarding immigration processing or changes. Currently court schedules for immigration in Chicago are rescheduled for master calendar hearing, however no impact to the individual hearings yet. USCIS office in Chicago has been calling or mailing to cancel some appointments. We are working with our clients and government official to address the delays.

Follow our blog to stay updated on immigration news and COVID impacts.

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