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Immigration policy impacts on student visa

Colleges Face Growing International Student Visa Issues

Current administration policies are starting to affect US universities as international students are struggling to get visas they need to study in the USA. After steadying increase for more than a decade, the number of international students at US universities and colleges has declined in recent years. Both the current administration immigration policy and the messaging of the day are turning students away and making them less inclined to want to study in the USA.

83% of higher education schools stated that the delay or denial of student visas is a factor in the decline of international students. Most of the student visa issues trace back to the memo issued in 2017 by administration which heightened screening and vetting of applications for visas as well as new requirements for visa holders studying or working at US colleges and universities.

By deterring international students from studying in the USA, the administration is hindering college and universities ability to build diverse student bodies and depleting their budgets as international students typically pay a higher tuition.

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