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Law Office of John Rottier Reopens

We are happy to announce that in accordance to the government guideline, Law Office of John Rottier will be reopening in limited capacity to resume on site operations in phases.

Our office will resume office hours starting May 1st, Friday. In order to safeguard the safety of our clients and staff, following are some of the several measures and precautionary steps we are taking.

1) Onsite appointments are only limited to necessary cases, most of the consult are still being done over the phone

2) All of our staff will avoid direct and close contact with client and each other

3) The clients will be received in the front desk area across the front desk counter with sufficient desk

4) None of the client are permitted to enter the premise beyond the welcome are in the office

5) Onsite schedules are arranged to make sure that there are only limited people in the office during a certain time

6) Common areas and surface will be cleaned and disinfected frequently during the day time

7) All of our staff members are being provided masks and gloves for their safety

We look forward to getting back on the road to post COVID normal and helping our clients.

Contact our law office for appointments or more details on how we are making the workplace safe -

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