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Temporary Protected Status for Ukraine

In the context of current stand off between Russia and Ukraine, USCIS has an update to provide relief for Ukrainians living in U.S. On Thursday March 3, 2022 the Biden administration offered Ukrainians living in the USA since March 1, 2022 temporary protected status for 18 months.

It is estimated that this temporary protected status program could benefit 75,000 Ukrainians currently in the USA on temporary student, tourist, business visas that could end while fighting is ongoing in Ukraine. Temporary protected status does not grant permanent residency in the USA, and it only applies to people already in the USA and not to new arrivals. Temporary protected status gives beneficiaries humanitarian protection from deportation.

Approximately 4,000 Ukrainians are facing US deportation proceedings which are now halted. Thursday March 3, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) suspended deportations to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

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