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USCIS propose significant fee increase

On January 4, 2023 US Citizenship and Immigration Services (reference USCIS) released a propose rule raising various immigration filing fees. There has been no increase in their fees since 2016. The average proposed increase is 40%.

We have been working with our clients and to file the cases early and our office has been working tirelessly to ensure that our clients can get the benefits of current prices before the proposal goes into effect and some of the changes are as high as 2050% of the existing price. Refer to USCIS resource for detailed price, we have complied below the list of some of the major price changes for your convenience.

If you have been waiting to start your case, we encourage you to not wait. Contact your attorney today and if you are still looking to hire legal help, contact our office to explore your legal options.

Some examples of USCIS’ proposed visa fee increases

$10 to $215: H-1B lottery registration fee

$460 to $1,385: L-1 intracompany transfer filing fee

$460 to $1,055: Filing fee for the O extraordinary ability visa often used by artists

$460 to $1,015: Filing fee for P visa for athletes/artists/entertainers

$700 to $715: form I-140 immigration visa petition

$3,675 to $11,160: form I-526 & I-526E (Immigration Petition by Alien Entrepreneur/Regional Center Investor) fees

$1,225 to $2,820: I-485 Adjustment of Status filing together with (green card application) filed with the I-765 Employment Authorization Document and I-131 Advance Parole (travel authorization) filing fee

$535 to $820: Green card for a family member I-130 filing fee

$535 to $720: Fiancé I-129 application filing fee

$595 to $1,195: Petition to remove conditions from green card status I-751 filing fee

$410 to $650: Stand-alone Employment Authorization Document I-765 filing fee

$640 to $760: Application for naturalization N-400 for paper and online filings

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