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Immigration case delays

As per recent study by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), there has been significant delays in United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processing of immigration cases. The overall case processing time has increased more than 90% since 2014. By end of 2017 there was a net backlog of more than 2 million cases.

Source: AILA analysis of data from USCIS webpage, “Historical National Average Processing Times for All USCIS Offices” (Nov. 29, 2018);

As the above chart shows that current situation is not sustainable. There is a recognized need of immigration reform, and there is a hope that eventually there will be one, but until then it is of utmost importance for applicants to make sure that their cases are well prepared with accuracy to avoid even longer delays. Law Office of John Rottier has been working with their clients to plan for processing delays and make sure that their cases are always up to date with USCIS.

Do you have questions about your immigration processing times? Are you looking for legal representation to navigate the challenges of processing delays? Law Office of John Rottier can help you, contact our office today for your first complementary consultation.

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