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Pathways to Immigration

Continuing on our series of blog about US immigration laws, todays blog focus is on immigration options and path to US residency.

Our last post was fun fact about green card. So what are the pathways for a person to get green card? One of the option is family based immigration whereby, whereby a US citizen or resident can petition for family members.

There are main 6 categories of family based immigration:

  1. Immediate relative (spouse, children under 21 years old, and parents) of US citizen. US citizen must be 21 years old to sponsor parents

  2. Unmarried sons and daughter 21 years old or more of US citizen

  3. Spouse and minor children under 21 of lawful permanent residents

  4. Unmarried sons and daughters 21 years old of more of permanent residents

  5. Married sons and daughters of US citizens

  6. Brothers and sister of US citizens

If you want to know more about family based immigration, contact our law office.

Immigration | Law Office of John Rottier
Family based immigration | Blog: Law Office of John Rottier

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