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US Immigration: Family based residency

We hope you have been following our blog post series (part 1, part 2, part3) on United States immigration laws. This post is focused on U.S residency based on family.

There are two main processes for apply for family based residency.

A. Adjustment of Status in the USA

If you meet certain requirements and a family member has filed a 245i petition in a certain timeframe, you could be qualified for this process.

B. Consular processing

This process is for anyone not residing in USA or living in USA but does not qualify for adjustment of status. Filing of I-130 petition is required and once approved there is a wait time for priority date to become current for next step. Immediate relatives of US citizens have no wait time for a priority date to become current.

For cases where a person is living without papers for more than 180 days in USA, this process requires additional steps.

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