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Unemployment in times of COVID and immigration impact

The United States economy has lost upward of 20 million jobs. This is a record increase in number jobless claim since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Like everything else, immigrants and immigration policies have been tremendously impacted during COVID by this situation.

Our office is being contacted with concerns around unemployment benefits and how (if) it can impact immigrants applications for residency. A while ago we did a series of blog posts (1, 2) on public charge rule, how the current administration is interpreting the law to deny immigration benefits by determining that applicant may need public assistance.

A lot of immigrants impacted from economic downturn have lost their jobs and despite being eligible to apply for unemployment benefits are choosing not to do so out of concerns that it can make them appear in need of public assistance.

Each case is unique and there is no universal correct answer when it comes to these situations. Our office has been guiding our clients to navigate the situation based on individual cases.

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